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Together with the CorriLee foundation and RALLY4EVER, VTA hosted a tennis morning for recently released refugees at Fawkner Park Tennis Centre, South Yarra. These men have their freedom after 8 years and with the help of sport we rallied to create connections, fun and fitness.
Tamil refugee, Thanus Selvarasa spent over eight years in detention before he was released from Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation with 14 other refugees.

Sri Lankan refugee, Ramsiya Sabanayagam, was also released from Park Hotel, along with 25 other men. “Today was my first time ever in my life playing tennis,” Ramsi told The Feed. “At Park Hotel, I spent 23 hours in my room. Just an hour we walked in the corridor,” he added.

Tennis is a sport that anyone can play. It brings people together and builds community.
Thank you to the following people:
  •  RALLY4EVER The CorriLee Foundation Louise Pleming, Tanya Lee, Craig Foster for making this event happen
  • Johnny Millman, Matt Reid and Paul McNamee for coming to spend time with the refugees
  • To the awesome coaches James Bruce-Smith Jose Mainella Kirby Templeton Bronte Goodwin Andres Gomez Socadagui, Ally Osborne & Michael Logarzo Tennis who donated their time to this great cause
  • Maggie for being the official VTA photographer
  • SBS Australia for coming to get some shots of the action
  • Jodi Webb and all our VTA players who donated racquets and shoes for the players
Checkout further articles and pictures of the event below:

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