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Game, Set, Match! Rafa Nadal strikes in Melbourne, winning his 2nd Australian Open title in what has been described as a Herculean effort. His run through the tournament was an amazing display of and consistency.

Our theme for this cycle: Consistency

Our focus has been hitting with height, shape and spin to reduce errors and increase the rally length. Examples of our partner based activities:

RED and ORANGE – Peg It:

  • Players are in pairs place a peg at the bottom of the net
  • Players commence a drop hit rally and count the number of shots successfully hit in
  • Move peg up the net according to the number of shots in their rally

GREEN and YELLOW – 4 Ball Challenge:

  • Players are in pairs and have a bucket with 4 balls
  • Player takes one ball and must count the number of shots in the rally and then with balls 2,3 and 4
  • Once all 4 balls have been used the players combine the total number of shots to get an overall score

What’s in-store for the next 4 weeks of term?

Our next theme is The 4 Rules. We will focus on patterns of play and recovery positions.

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