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Great teamwork, tennis and finished with tasty pizza from Crust Armadale. Nothing better than seeing 80 VTA Red, Orange, Green and Yellow ballers battling it out in our Crust US Open Challenge on Sunday 25th August.

Caloola Reserve hosted the challenge this year and was home to some fantastic tennis. Players represented either Team Barty, Federer, Williams or Djokovic and the competition was high. Congratulations to all players involved and we look forward to seeing all our players back on court at the next competition.

Red Ballers
Winners: Team Roger Federer
Orange Ballers
Winners: Team Serena Williams
Green Ballers
Winners: Team Novak Djokovic
Yellow Ballers
Winners: Team Novak Djokovic

Well done to everyone for showcasing how a great sportsperson competes, thank you to the parents for their commitment to their child’s tennis and a special thank you to Crust Armadale for sponsoring the event. Stay tuned for our next event on Facebook and Instagram.

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