Fawkner Park Tennis Centre wins Club of the year!

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Fawkner Park Tennis Centre wins Most Outstanding Club in Victoria!

We are thrilled to announce that Fawkner Park Tennis Centre has been awarded Tennis Victoria’s Most Outstanding Tennis Club in Victoria. This is a massive honour for the Victorian Tennis Academy team. We are extremely excited to be recognised for such a prestigious award.

We have worked hard to transform a rundown, under-utilised inner city tennis centre into a thriving community hub. From the day we moved into Fawkner Park Tennis Centre, we were clear we wanted to offer high quality, diverse and accessible tennis services for the community. We wanted to build a community hub where people and our team wanted to be.

We have been extremely proud of our team’s ability to overcome the challenges of multiple COVID-19 lockdowns, and despite losing momentum, they have come back stronger every time, with the energy our community needed. The support and loyalty of our community has also been instrumental in us achieving this award.

We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved from a nil base and throughout the pandemic. Staying true to our VTA values and mission has ensured we lead in the community and we are excited about what we will continue to achieve.

As shown in our Fawkner Park Tennis Centre story HERE, we have come a long way in our first 2 years and look forward to continuing to build our community hub.

Checkout our interview with Todd Woodbridge below. We were a little surprised to have won!

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